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  Last Update: July 19, 2015
  Register your student(s) through PowerSchool®
Please find listed below additional forms Clear Creek Amana Schools requires to complete the registration process. The required forms are marked with an asterisk. Your registration is not complete until you send in your fee sheet, registration fees or proof of payment on pay schools or your completed free and reduced application.
  pdf PowerSchool-Parent Letter
  pdf Parent Login Instructions
  pdf E-Registration User Guide
  pdf 2015-16 Fee Form*
  pdf 2015-16 Registration Check List
  pdf Athletic Physical Form
  pdf Concussion Fact Sheet
  pdf New Student Physical Form*
  pdf Dental Form*
  pdf Free & Reduced Application
  pdf Iowa Eligibility Form
  pdf Waiver of School Fees
  pdf Allergy Awareness
  pdf Parent Letter-Meals
  pdf Vehicle Registration
     High School Students Only
  Please download these forms, complete them, and return them to the school, with payment if applicable.