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grades pre-K-5: $2.30
grades 6-8: $2.40
grades 9-12: $2.50
adult: $3.30

student: $1.60
adult: $1.75


10 Tips
Nutrition Education
pdfBuild a Healthy Meal
pdfBe a Healthy Role Model

Start Your Day With Breakfast!
Breakfast is served daily 7:45am to first bell at all Clear Creek Amana Schools. (Serving times may vary)

Allergy Awareness
Feb. 2014 The Clear Creek Amana School District is sensitive to the needs of students with food allergies and starting in the Fall 2014 we will maintain a “peanut/tree nut conscious” policy at each school site.  The Clear Creek Amana staff will maintain a “peanut sensitive” area in each cafeteria.  In addition, teachers/administrative staff will monitor all classroom snacks and birthday treats.  As parents, we ask that you read the nutrition labels and please do not send snacks/treats and sack lunches that contain peanuts/nuts.