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pre-K-8: $2.25
grade 9-12: $2.45
adult: $3.20

student: $1.50
adult: $1.65


10 Tips
Nutrition Education
pdfBuild a Healthy Meal
pdfBe a Healthy Role Model

Clear Creek Amana is now accepting debit/credit cards at our school buildings. Payments may be made in person or over the phone. Contact the building secretary if you have questions.

Check out our new Breakfast and Lunch Menu format with more changes to come.
We have purchased a new computer program that will have the nutritional information below the menu. Clippers Connecting to Agriculture (CCA) is our Farm to School Program at Clear Creek Amana School District. The students will notice that tomatoes and cucumbers will be purchased locally from Northern Ridge Berry Farm in Oxford while the supplies last or until the first frost.