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German – American Partnership Programs Continue

This year many celebrations are taking place throughout the United States commemorating German immigration and the friendship these two countries have had throughout the years.

It was in the year 1608 when the first German immigrants settled in Jamestown, Virginia.
However, many celebrations this year are in remembrance of a more recent history, namely, the Berlin Airlift. This took place in 1948 – 1949. Due to the bravery and generosity of the American and British people, the people of Berlin survived the Soviet Union’s blockade of the railways and streets leading into the western sector. For a whole year they supplied the German people with the essentials for survival.

In this spirit, school partnership programs exist throughout the United States and Germany through the Goethe and Max Planck Institutes.

Clear Creek Amana high school is enjoying one of these partnerships and their fourth exchange has just concluded. The 12 German students and their 2 teachers left our community to return home to Perleberg, Germany. They are very grateful to the school, and the communities of the Amana Colonies for their generosity by hosting them in their homes and being able to attend school. There were many learning experiences by all involved and extended learning just by making new friends.

Hopefully, this spirit of community can continue for many years as we exchange our cultures. Students from our community will travel to Perleberg, Germany in March of 2011.

Submitted by the German classes of Clear Creek Amana high school


Warum ich Deutsch lerne! = Why I am learning German!

More than 120 million people in Austria, Germany, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and parts of Belgium, northern Italy and eastern France speak German.

Germany is one of the strongest economic powers in the world, ranking third after America and Japan. Learning German helps improve your chances of success in the job market.

German is one of the most important cultural languages. The great philosophers, scientists and artists of our time spoke it. 10% of all the books published world wide are written in German.