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The Iowa House of Representatives, and the Legislative Service Agency are inviting Iowa high school juniors and seniors to apply for Page positions for the 2015 session of the Iowa General Assembly. Serving as a legislative page is a great opportunity for mature students.

Information booklets that describe the Page Program are available in the guidance office along with application forms. This information and applications is also available at The deadline for receipt of applications is October 3, 2014.

Attention PaySchools Users:
Intouch is now avilable and we are no longer using PaySchool.
Please log-in by clicking on the link on the left hand side of this page. Intouch is what you can use to add money into accounts for your student for lunch, activities, events and such.
Total Access is what you will use to check the balance in your student's lunch account. Right now Total Access is not showing your deposits. Account balances will be updated as soon as the two systems are talking and no child will be denied a meal the first week of school. Thank You.   

Springmier Library
 • Monday 8:00-4:00  • Tuesday 8:00-6:00 
 • Wednesday 8:00-1:30  • Thursday 8:00-6:00
 • Friday 8:00-6:00   • Saturday 9:00-12:00
Amana Library
 • Monday 8:00-4:00  • Tuesday 8:00-6:00  • Wednesday 8:00-1:30
 • Thursday 8:00-6:00  • Friday 8:00-6:00  • Saturday 9:00-12:00

Hall of Fame:

The Clear Creek Amana Foundation Board
is seeking nominations for the 2014 Hall of Fame award.

Please click here to read about the nomination process.

Hall of Fame winners will be announced during Clear Creek Amana’s Homecoming festivities on September 26, 2014.

The junior class magazine sale is in full swing.  If you would like to purchase or renew a magazine see a member of the junior class or contact Brad Muhlenbruck at the high school.


Middle School: Thursday, September 18-------------High School: Friday, September 19


Clear Creek Elementary Boundary Exit Survey

Please take this survey prior to next Tuesday, September 2

Tuesday, September 2nd at 6:30
West Campus (Tiffin)

CCA Food Allergy Awareness                          Updated 8/4/14

The Clear Creek Amana School District is sensitive to the needs of students with food allergies.  If your child has a food allergy, please notify their classroom teacher and the health office.  We will follow “peanut/tree nut conscious” measures at each school site.    CCA staff will maintain “peanut sensitive” areas in each cafeteria that students with allergies may sit at.  The CCA Health Office will notify individual classroom teachers if they have a student or students with food allergies and those teachers may request that parents try to refrain from sending certain foods for classroom snacks/treats.   We would ask that if there is an identified food allergy in your child’s classroom and you send classroom snacks/treats with that identified allergen, that you let your child’s teacher know ahead of time so they can make sure the student(s) with the allergy avoids the food item.  We will not restrict food/drink items in sack lunches brought from home but do ask that you send healthy, nutritious meals.   

Students, parents, employees and others doing business with or performing services for the Clear Creek Amana Community School District are hereby notified that this school district does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, SES, disability, religion, or creed in admission or access to, or treatment in, its programs and activities.  The school district does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, religion, creed, sexual orientation, or gender identity in admission or access to, or treatment in, its hiring and employment practices.  Any person having inquiries concerning the school district's compliance with the regulations implementing Title VI, Title VII, Title IX, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), § 504 or Iowa Code § 280.3 is directed to contact: Brenda Parker, Equity Coordinator, 327 S Augusta Ave, PO Box 487, Oxford IA  52322, 319-828-4510 who has been designated by the school district to coordinate the school district's efforts to comply with the regulations implementing Title VI, Title VII, Title IX, the ADA, § 504 and Iowa Code § 280.3 (2007). Inquiries by students regarding compliance with equal educational opportunity and affirmative action laws and policies, including but not limited to complaints of discrimination, may also be directed in writing to the Director of the Region VII office of Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education 8930 Ward Parkway, Suite 2037, Kansas City, MO.  64114 (816) 268-0550, or Iowa Dept. of Education, Grimes State Office Bldg., Des Moines, IA. (515) 281-5294.  This inquiry or complaint to the federal or state office may be done instead of, or in addition to, an inquiry or complaint at the local level.